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About The Ideo Project




The Ideo Project consists of a group of unique dental laboratory owners with a rich history of expertise. They teach, write and contribute to the excellence of dentistry at the highest possible level. The project was formed in the beginning of 2013, however the roots of The Ideo Project began well over a decade ago.  Throughout that time the members would attend meetings together, share the podium at educational events, take and teach classes together, author articles, and share their ideas through e-mails or phone calls.  As the years passed,  they realized their interests had brought them together time and time again.  The members decided to combine forces and form a collective.


Dental Art Form has to do with the unique ability of reproducing the shape and arrangement of natural teeth with artificial materials like dental porcelains. This unique art form takes place in a dental laboratory, where the dental artist has access to the necessary equipment and materials to exercise his art. When this is done at its highest degree, it becomes almost impossible to tell if the artificial teeth are real or artificial when seen in the person’s mouth. It is an art form that requires an understanding of the science behind the many materials used in fabricating a dental restoration, the patience of a monk and a lifetime commitment to learn.  Very few really excel at it.  Understanding the three-dimensional characteristics, and the optical effects that affect how natural teeth look to the human eye have been a subject of extensive study from the beginning of esthetic dentistry. It is a specialty of dentistry under the umbrella of dental technology, which is not readily seen or even understood by the general public or for that matter, other dental professionals.

Although many in the dental laboratory field might claim to be able to reproduce the human dentition, very few truly do. Achieving the functionality and a clinically acceptable standard of dental restorations is one aspect of dental art form; achieving a degree of realism is another. Although dental art form primarily deals with replicating mother nature, it also faces another challenge when the dental artist is called upon to create restorations that are “artificial” looking, a phenomena promoted by the Hollywood media that created the “White Teeth Syndrome”.

In order to create dental art, the dental artist depends on the clinical ability of the dentist. Without a mutual understanding of what each other needs, dental art form is difficult, if not impossible to achieve. Hence the importance of a mutual collaboration with all disciplines of restorative dentistry.  What a person with dental restorations ultimately sees, feels, eats and laughs with is the dental artist’s work.

Dentistry has evolved tremendously over the years and this includes the field of dental technology. At the beginning of restorative dentistry, it was rather simple to fabricate and deliver a restoration, (although nowhere near life-like) with relatively little equipment, today the process of fabricating dental restorations has broadened extensively requiring a lot more sophisticated equipment, materials and skill than in the past. With the wider array of materials and techniques available for the fabrication of dental restorations today, there is also a strong demand for constant research and evidence to attest to the material’s validity.

The Ideo Project is about the need for a voice that is not very well heard in dentistry. Whether it is a dental professional seeking reliable, unbiased information that is evidence based,  or a potential patient searching for the best options to make the right choice, The Ideo Project  is the place to go. The Ideo Project  is committed to dentistry and the general public to help find the “truth”. The Ideo Project  is where dental artists congregate.


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