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LFC Samples

LFC samples


Trends in scanning and cad-cam technology… Are we trying to kill a fly with a hammer?

Certain dental laboratory processes have always been relatively simple and often require a medium level of skills to learn. Some of the technology becoming available today aims at eliminating the need for the human being in the execution of these processes, but the cost of the technology and the rapid changes it goes through, raise the question of how practical it really is to supersede a skilled human being at the expense of the new technology… We must also consider the learning curve involved in using the technology. Has the technology become a household item that most people have or cannot do without yet? The answer is a definite no. What this means is the cost of the technology is still above the line where it needs to be for it to become a household item. Do you remember the price of the famous Sony Trinitron Color TV when it first came out? Look nearly fifty years later and everybody in the wealth scale has a color TV. Don’t be the first and don’t be the last, keep an eye on it…